Potassium Soap of Disproportionated Rosin


Potassium Soap of Disproportionated Gum Rosin (K-Soap) is known to increase the tensile strength and viscosity of synthetic rubbers. It is a first stage emulsifier in SBR and Butyl production.


It improves the properties of SBR, CR, NBR synthetic rubbers and of ABS plastics when used as the emulsifier in production.

Chemical Codes (CAS No./ HS No.)

Origin : China
Molecular Formula: C19H27COOK


Obtained from saponification of Disproportionate Gum Rosin
Items Extra Grade 1 ST Grade
Color ( Gardner ), max 4 6
Solid Content 80±1 (%)
PH(25?) 9.2 - 9.8
Potassium Abietic max 0.25% 0.5%
Potassium Dehydroabietic min 43.0% 38.0 %
Chloride(as KCL) 0.20% max 0.25% max
Unsaponifiable Material(%), max 13.0
Acid No.(mg KOH/g) 6 - 12


It is packed in new galvanised iron drums of 200kgs net each. each.