Welcome to MCB Enterprise!

MCB Enterprise is a renowned indenting agent and local stockist of high quality Chinese Gum Rosin and derivative products, with a rich experience of over 10 years in this modern and dynamic commodities market.

Established in 2003, by the late Mr. Ashok Bagri, the company has grown from strength to strength cementing supplier relations with rosin manufacturers and producers in China. This has proven to be our biggest asset; quality delivered always being higher than quality committed.

With the influx of expertise, and the growing market applications of Chinese Gum Rosin in the booming Indian manufacturing sector, MCB has scaled its operations in every year since. The reception of the quality of Chinese Rosin and it's superiority over Indonesian, Indian and other origins of rosin, has been spectacular.

The appreciation of the product has been in line with its performance.

There are plans in the pipeline to introduce a range of Indonesian rosins as well to meet the needs of the companies that operate on this system.

With the good wishes, encouragement and untiring work of our partners in China, and the trust we have carved out with our clientele, MCB Enterprise is proud to be a small part of our client's success and growth, spread all over the inks, dyes, pigments, adhesives, SBR, and other crucial manufacturing sectors.

We have witnessed and been buoyed by the growth of our clients, as the quality of our product transcends into theirs.

Whoever said the Indian success story has been overstated is certainly misinformed!

The scopes and possibilities in rosin as an incredible tackifier, and emulsifier remain growing, with China accounting for 90% of all world exports.

We all know that Chemicals is a dynamic and personalized industry; there is no one fixed answer for every supply question. We not only acknowledge this fact at MCB, but also celebrate the diversity of rosin needs, and the ever continuing process of satisfying not only technical but also purchase departments.

Driven by hunger to fuel our industries with the best materials, and guided by the ethics we so cherish, if what you require is Rosin, what you will get is the very best, tailored to your needs.

We believe in creating sincere and long term relationships, as opposed to transactional exchanges. We thank you for your interest, and request you to please give us the earnest pleasure of serving you.