Polymerized Rosin


Polymerized rosin is a modified product of gum rosin, whichcontains abietic type acids.
It is a pale, acidic, thermoplastic, high softening point resin.


It has high resistance to oxidation and does not crystallize from solutions or from solid compositions. It is compatible with many natural and synthetic film formers and rubbers. Being an acidic resin, it reacts readily with polyalcohols or hydrated lime to yield high melting derivatives.


It has a series of excellent properties such as higher softening point, non-crystallization, good oxidation-resistance, higher viscosity in organic solvent.
It’s key properties are as follows:

  • Alcohol-soluble
  • Non-crystalline
  • Resistant to oxidation
  • Thermoplastic rosin acid
  • Very high softening point


It is mainly used as an industrial raw material for manufacturing inks, adhesives, paints, varnishes, synthetic resins etc.It also finds application in the electronic fields such as manufacture of solder flux, soldering wires etc.
It can also find use in – Assembly, bookbinding, caulks and sealants, contact adhesives, footwear and leather, hot-melt adhesives, laminating, PSAs, solventborne adhesives, etc.


Obtained by isomerizing Gum Rosin through the process of Polymerization
Items CG-115 CG-140
Appearance Transparent
Color(USDA) WG-M
Softening Point(R & B), ℃ 110-120 135-145
Acid Number (mg KOH/g), min. 145 140
Insoluble Matter in Alcohol 0.03% Max.
Dissoluble Matter in Hot Water 0.20% Max.


It is packed in the standard new galvanised iron drums of 225kgs (232kgs gross). We do provide for specific packing requests as per the customer’s instructions.