Gum Rosin


Our Gum Rosin from the plantations of Chinese provinces is regarded as the best quality Rosin in the world for industrial manufacturing.
About 90% of the world's total Gum Rosin production takes place in China; which is both internally consumed and exported to countries throughout the world. Having been in the industry for many years, our experience has generated complete conviction in the quality of Chinese Gum Rosin.


There are different grades of Chinese Gum Rosin depending upon the source and the colour indexation. We have prescribed the two most superior quality grades of Gum Rosin below; WW and X Grades. Gum Rosin WW is the closest to water white colour, while X is a bit more yellowish. Other grades are also available.

Chemical Codes (CAS No./ HS No.)

Origin : China
CAS No.8050-09-7


There are very many industries where Rosin contributes as a key raw material; right from paints, inks, dyes, pigments to adhesives, SBR, Butyl and other industries like polish, phenyl, explosives, Soap, Cracker, Rubber, Ink, soldering fluxes, Intermediate material for synthetic organic chemicals etc

It must be noted that Gum Rosin is a superb tackifier and emulsifier which imparts these properties to the target product. Being of water white colours, they do not have an impact on the colour thereby not interfering with the manufacturer's vision.


Items X WW
Appearance Transparent
Color slight yellow light yellow
Softening Point(R & B), C 76 Min
Acid Number (mg KOH/g) 166 Min
Unsaponifiable Matter 5% Max
Ethanol Insoluble Matter 0.03% Max
Ash 0.02% Max


This is packed and sealed in the standard new galavanised iron drums of 225kgs net each.