Food-grade Glycerol Ester Of Gum Rosin


Food grade Glycerol Ester of Gum Rosin is made from refined Gum Rosin using esterification with food grade glycerin.


It is a transparent glass solid without any odour or taste. It has stable features, and is soluble in benzene, ketone, esters, vegetable oil, orange oil, and most natural oils. It is insoluble in water.


Color, max. 8
Softening point (by ball and ring method) (?) 80-90
Acid content (mg KOH/g) 3-9
Ash content(%) , max. 0.1
Arsenic , max. 2ppm
Lead , max. 2ppm
Heavy metals (as pb), max. 20ppm


It is preferred to be used as basic material for chewing gum and bubble gum. It can also be used in adhsevies, and also as an emulsion stabilizer for beverage & flavour products.


Packed in intertexture or kraft paper bags, 25kgs net each bag. It is packed in the new galvanized iron drums of 200/250kgs net each.