Disproportionated Gum Rosin


Disproportionated Gum Rosin (DPR) is a further processed version of normal Gum Rosin, with an even higher quality. Gum Rosin goes through a process called as disproportionation to further purify the matter and intensify the tackifying and emulsifying qualtiies of Rosin.


The grades of DPR vary depending upon what grade of Gum Rosin is used to produce it. The most popular type is our DPR CG 700 which is made from Gum Rosin WW and is of the highest quality possible.

Chemical Codes (CAS No./ HS No.)

Origin : China
Cas No.8050-09-7
Molecular Formula: C19H27COO


DPR is extensively used in the adhesives, paints, pigments (organic , dyechems and inorganic), SBR and ink industries as a first stage emulsifier and tackifier. It lends a persistent increase in quality to the final product.

Developments are also taking place in the Butyl mastic and other adhesive industries. Widely preferred for the top and higher grades of the particular product.

It is the most important component for emulsification in SBR, rubber, ABS industries.


Obtained by isomerizing Gum Rosin using a catalyst.

Appearance Light yellow solid
Color(Gardner),max. 8
Abietic Acid (%), max. 0
Dehydroabieti Acid (%), min. 54.0
Softening Point (by Ball & Ring) ? 75-85
Acid No. (mg KOH/g) 150-165
Unsaponifiable Material (%), max. 10.0


It is packed in the new galvanized iron drums of 225kgs net, and 232 kgs gross weight.